About PA Booster

PABooster.com is a website designed specially with booster clubs and fundraising teams in mind. Our goal is to make fundraisers easy and effective by removing many of the frustrating, time-consuming aspects. Boosters will spend less time managing their campaign and more time enjoying the results!

Choosing your products and getting them designed is easy with PA Booster. Your booster can work with our designers, use a template or even custom-design your products. Once your team chooses products and has them designed, PA Booster will set up a customized web page on the PABooster.com website, featuring the products hand-picked by your booster.

Your booster's customized web page will handle all orders and payments online – meaning no lost order forms or checks, and no deciphering cryptic writing. Orders will be sorted, packaged, and labelled in-house at our facility and then delivered to you for easy distribution.

PABooster.com is easy to use and offers:

  • The choice of quality clothing and promotional products.
  • A personalized website specially created for your booster featuring your fundraising products.
    It’s simple to email, tweet or post your website to Facebook to promote your fundraiser!
  • Website support throughout the fundraiser – No need to manage the web page.
  • Customized pricing decided by your fundraising team – You decide the profit on each product.
    Your team chooses the products and then decides how much your team will mark up the products.
  • Customer payment online via credit card - No order forms, money, or checks to collect!
  • Confirmation emails sent to each customer.
  • Sorting, packaging, and labeling done at PA Booster's parent company - Keystone Advertising Specialties' facility in Muncy, PA.
  • Delivery of your packaged, labelled items, and your check when the fundraiser is complete.
  • A detailed final report of your fundraiser’s success (progress reports available by request).

PA Booster is powered by Keystone Advertising Specialties, a top supplier of promotional and advertising products since 1992. Keystone Advertising Specialties wide array of services range from custom printing, engraving, embroidery, vinyl and electric signage, gift baskets, vehicle wraps, and much more.

Important Details: Your fundraising team may choose as many items as they want to feature on your personalized site. Remember, more isn't always better! Also, some items require a minimum purchase. All orders are done online and all payments require a credit card to process. It is the fundraising team's responsibility to promote the fundraising website via email, Facebook, Twitter, or other venues. Website support will be provided throughout the fundraiser. Progress reports will only be provided upon request, but a final report will be provided to every customer.

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